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>> i am denis. >> i agree rothman date to of the housing question of the commander in chief answers questions on real-estate. >> we talk to the man who gave the of president elias and in construction the chairman of dallas holding joins us. lori: crackhouse crumbling? you know, brazil and russia and india and china falling behind performance the emerging markets still have a place in your portfolio. dennis: a little housekeeping while feeling buried under paper work at the office could be good. lori: or not. whose office is that? [laughter] in the meantime just 40 minutes away will there be a
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tapered timeline? let's head to the new york stock exchange with adam shapiro. >> they are pulling off of session lows the dow is only down 47 points according to one hour ago with three hours left. the s&p is back but it is down six points but shares of sallow are trading down 8 percent today still up at the 52 week high but the 52 week low was $23 a share on november 16, 2012 -- 2012 ford zillow. the president will talk about the administration's policy on zillow streamed life taking place this hours we're keeping an eye on the shares but we're pulling off on the morning's low of.
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>> warehousing push roselawn taking questions from the kootenays session -- q and a session from of phoenix and erickson construction ready met with our next guest the chairman of the parent company atlas holdings. thank you for being with us. you went there in part because the subsidiary is hiring? how many jobs? how many does it take to get a visit from the president? >> hello. about 10 months ago when we acquired the business, we were at about 100 employees. at this point we are at 580 so we are growing quite rapidly in part thank through a steady recovery of the housing markets. we operate arizona, nevada and california. but the through our efforts
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to stabilize and improve the business i would expect next year we will see several hundred more join. lori: that is consistent as by way of the president do you expect any concern because it is a pretty solid debates whether housing recovery is solid or whether we shape up for another bust ? >> once i got past my wardrobe malfunction, one hour prior. lori: wardrobe of function? >> i put coffee on my white sugar. he was terrific can't spend time with our folks on the factory floor and disarmingly he was comfortable with them and it was a pleasant conversation.
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we are honored to have him, politics aside one of the most powerful man in the universe shows up on your doorstep is an honor. it was a boost for mayor ralph with the organization. it was a good day. dennis: you said paulus it -- politics decides that opens the question are you registered democrat or republican or donate to either party? >> i remain independent. i will hold my counsel on that matter. lori: the president is trying to chance for to taxpayers with fannie or freddie do you think that is a good idea to curb your business? maybe they will not be so optimistic when they break
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ground? >> fannie and freddie did not work. that needs to we change. what is too, is for all of us to see but fundamentally we are in their early stages of the housing recovery. even in phoenix yesterday yesterday, the headlines have done ahead of reality. prices have moved up substantially. the numbers of 15 or 20 percent lift of the home prices there but housing starts while ahead of last year was not quite at the level anticipated. we are well below the levels that are consistent with the stabilized housing market so we think it has many years to run. dennis: housing prices fell by trillions of dollars then somebody made money.
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you specialize to buy discourage companies? tell us that. >> alice holdings owns 12 companies and operate globally out of 75 plants with $3 billion of revenue and a 10,000 employees. we are focused on industrial concerns of all sorts. while we have significant exposure to the residential and commercial construction markets, we are involved in manufacturing equipment. we are a diverse industrial focused conglomerate. our specialty is identifying and businesses that have over perform door that were once successful that have stumbled. lori: i would like to play a quick interview with sam zell that did an interview with neil cavuto commenting
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if he sees housing recovery as a sure thing. >> i think it has a way to go. >> you are not buying this boom? >> i don't know if blooming is appropriate. i am more in this cynical camp. lori: your reaction? >> sam has made millions of dollars by being a cynic. i think it is hard to argue we're not in the early stages of a housing recovery can some macro even to take us off the rails? certainly. but our view is it is early -- nbc i'll level of conservatism was builders and consumers remain cautious but for the past several years we have dramatically under invested in the housing stock so that will have to change this time.
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dennis: it is good to bet on the rebound i thank you make more money be a skeptic over a senate. lori: what is a proverb. dennis: i am full of those that was an interesting comment. obama canceled his meeting with vladimir putin right after the appearance with the jay leno with tub long list of topics including average snowden being granted asylum. >> i was disappointed because even though we don't have the extradition treaty with them, traditionally we have tried to respect is there is a lawbreaker or alleged lawbreaker in their country we evaluate and try to work with them. they did not do that with us. and in some ways it is
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reflective of the underlying challenges we have had with russia lately. lori: des prez incumbents and a recent summit he had. >> you look at me with the nbc executive. what is going on? [laughter] that was a news making interview. >> i am not sure that was his place to do that. >> aol has agreed to buy a 405 million cash and stock it was bigger than the a will purchase of the huffington post. c02m armstrong says it will help to integrate advertising with video content. the deal will close in september. the week-long furlough has been announced with the technology group starting augus. they will receive one-third of pay while executives will
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get nothing. the furloughs as a result of the belt-tightening as revenues continue to drop. the on the search engine has decided it is time to include a bold look into few changes have been made but today's new logos will have been shown with the replacement shown on september 4 than the shares have risen 70% but is still faces strong compass it -- competition for google and facebook from those ads. dennis: you have to be in it to win it with powerball. >> you have a ticket? what your office desk says about you. if you look at the side by side of my desk and denis is a desk you can tell which one is mine.
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>> time to make money with charles payne we have a sexy topic. >> i did not know that they did all that i felt they were a networking company. [laughter] but the demon remember them? reminded the audience. this stock hit $1,054 per share february 2000 right now looking great at $14. [laughter] it did surprise and business is beginning to turn around. new drivers particularly mobile. to talk about compounded averaging of growth smart phone will be over when the to%. the demands, counting crows every single year although
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wireless devices all the information that we share with each other but the points and is to reinvent itself has market share and is starting to reflect in the stock like the way it is acting today in the down market it is making us face moved and i think it will take off. lori: any competitors? >> they made a lot of acquisitions when they were around and what went out of business but another one that looks good is cnn. those two, the network space looks really good but again they have so many new products over 50% of revenue seven quarter straight.
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lori: let's get an update on the markets with the floor of the new york stock exchange looking at entertainment heavy hitters in a 20th-century effort -- twentieth century fox apparent network of fox business. $32.89 not bad after their earnings report yesterday that the loss was narrowed and essentially that had to do with the spinoff of the publishing business. look at disney not doing as bad as they were only seven points off right now but they're still among the big losers. bank of america is leading but disney comes back a little bit from earlier now down just 1.and now our greenroom has the best cookies in the media world. lori: how did you know, that i was eating peanut
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butter cookies? [laughter] dennis: who was that masked man? "the biggest loser" one of the biggest flops of the summer by how big? not clear but it is mesa's it costs more than 300 million will force the loss of 190 million in the current quarter. down 3%, to have an extraordinary run over the past year the stock is up 35% hitting all-time highs but that net income at 1.8 $5 billion 4% revenue growth because forecast but the revenue estimates they be done both revenue and earnings and is a tried to have a whole franchise of the character created 80 years ago using the same team as pirates of the
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caribbean. the kids did not know him and the parents did not miss him so it will also be 200 million from the flop last year of john carter. >> i was excited to see it but the did not resonate -- resonate with parents because they heard it was violent. >> they even missed on the theme parks a little bit but on friday i will talk with bob eiger right here on fox business i have known him a long time and we will see what he has to say. lori: new merger talks of thai border cbs will do get out over the fees. dennis: you know, s.c. johnson a family company tagline? and iconic business spanning five generations we have an exclusive look inside one of the fastest-growing units. next. ♪
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>> 22 minutes past the hour with your fox news minute. security official say a suspected drug strike has killed seven alleged al qaeda militants in the and it is a fifth attack in less than two weeks in the country. u.s. and britain and back -- evacuated staff due to threats and attacks. torch of the bush is back home after having a harder to procedure. the 43rd president is doing great after doctors inserted a stand to open up an artery that was discovered during his the annual physical. with the cleveland house where three women were held captive as then demolish. castro's house was agree to have a house torn down as part of a plea deal to spare the death sentence it will spread the rest -- spindle rest of his life in prison one of the girls put down a
1:24 pm
door radios for help. those are your headlines. lori: lightning strikes twice that is what some are hoping to hope to have the winning ticket so the jackpot is at $425 million after taxes to reduce 45 million but in the 43 states where it is played they are reaping benefits with adding customers getting bonus money when the tickets are sold they also get free advertising with nonstop media coverage may be also a pack of gum. >> go to where they sold a previous winner your exponentially increasing odds of not winning you will never have a winner at the same place.
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lori: that is like a hot table in vegas i do believe in a hot convenience store. [laughter] dennis: also not recreational companies and jeff flock is out at eagle lake wisconsin with a seal of one of those in less time she finished through the entire interview. >> welcome to bass masters. that we could be at a fishing show today. i have the ceo of johnson outdoors. helen, we have had a great day and your company has had a great year. how do you account for its? >> innovative product and people who want to join a long dash to enjoy the of doors and give them the products they need we're on eight fishing boat with a unit to use gps program
1:26 pm
where we want to be in the motor keeps us on our fishing spot and we don't have to anchor. >> no. if the wind is blowing or you have your favorite spot you cannot stay in the same place we have viewed it to keep us there. >> and helen johnson is part of the iconic business family you may have heard of johnson wax likeness index and off but your dad's passion was the outdoors. but how is it people continue to spend money on this stuff? >> people don't stop recreation even with the economy that is part of their lives. for us if you introduce innovative products it makes the experience better, they will buy it a matter the challenges. it is all about innovation.
1:27 pm
>> most of the products made here in the united states the motor made in minnesota, gps alabama, the canoes are mated made, also others in new york. we have a lot of capability in our manufacturing plants across the country. >> we appreciate it very much exclusively on fox business today. this is what i call a lot of leads. hugo. dennis: that is a grass and bass tell her to take the company public. investors want a piece of that. lori: investors are pinched as the bric company's lack of performance but now it is time to take a second look. one man's trash is another
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man's creative workspace? what those leftover papers say about your productivity say about your productivity at work. my mantra?
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axiron. with the bounce dryer bar, my clothes will be fresh out of the drawer for weeks. and it's great when things last a long time. well...most things. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] can't regret fresh. dennis: time for stocks now. as we do every 15 minutes let's go to the floor of the new york stock exchange and adam shapiro. adam? >> dennis, we want to talk about a couple energy stocks, posting gains today and talk about duke energy. devon energy, they're up 1.2%. eog resources also is up 2.2%
1:32 pm
today. look what is happening at duke. they're trading down half a percent. in their earnings they talked about taking one-time charges, $295 million to retire the crystal river nuclear power plant and a hit that they will stop the process of building a new nuclear plant, i think in levoy county, florida. duke energy, their earnings fell about 24% of those one-time charges but revenue at duke was up in the last quarter, up 64% to 5.8 billion. you might see a bargain here with duke. back to you. dennis: thank you very much, adam. lori: the boom in the brics come and gone largely compared to the s&p 500. china, russia, brazil and india have all fallen flat since january. my next guest says darlings of yesteryear may have a place in your portfolio. we have paul christopher, chief international strategist at wells fargo. thanks for joining us. after so many years of strength, emerging markets were the go-to
1:33 pm
investment. are we starting to see the other shoe now beginning to fall? >> i wouldn't call it the other shoe. it is a long journey and the shoe will fall in both directions over the course of that span. these are countries that still have very strong growth profiles into the future and we think long-term investors should exploit that. the problem is, it's not going to be one directional move. lori: we know obviously the u.s. stock market has been on a tear but these markets, these stock markets, have been underperforming and it is due to i'm balances. whether it is inflation in its banking industry and some other factors too, correct? >> that's right. these countries will grow in a very unbalanced way. it is a little bit like going to your exercise therapist and she tells you well, you have developed this set of muscles really well but the ones that support on the other side, those are a little bit weak. these countries have grown enormously through trade. now what they need to do is build up the domestic
1:34 pm
economieses to build more balance. that is about what they are to do. lori: sorry to cut you off, if you're seeing diminishing exports, how do you organically grow your domestic economy in these nations? >> well the fact is, most of them, china is a exception, big exception, most of them already have pretty strong domestic sectors. it is just a question of channeling the credit more efficiently, more effectively, more profitably for banks. lori: so is that just a situation of lowering interest rates when you say channeling credit? >> it is going to mean lots of changes, including regulatory changes. how the government affects banks decisions to channel credit. and it is going to mean in some cases some banks will have to be consolidated. some banks will have to go out of business in order to rationalize the system. lori: what about the central banking climate? we know the federal reserve here in the u.s. is doing this debate on tapering. it will probably happen before the end of the year. if you're limiting liquidity a lot of investment dollars will cease to be invested in emerging markets.
1:35 pm
will that be an issue for these emerging market economies? >> yes, it will be, you're absolutely right. as yields rise in this country the risk/reward that u.s. investors see overseas is going to change the u.s. will look relatively more attractive. but that is probably i think a short-term solution or a short-term view because as these countries implement their reforms and things get better there, then yields will rise there again as well as the opportunities return and investors will have a tendency to once again balance their portfolios between the u.s. and overseas. lori: okay. so then going forward here for the medium term if you will, what does that balance look like, domestic versus overseas? >> well it depend a lot upon the investor's risk tolerance and horizon but we have allocations recommended for investors overseas anywhere from about 10% international, all the way up to 35% for the most aggressive investors. we think really that the u.s. investor needs to diversify somewhat out of dollars. still have a home bias but
1:36 pm
diversify overseas. lori: and we're talking about the "bric" nations here. any emerging markets outside of those you find particularly interesting? >> yeah, we think that not right now is a good time to focus less on the "brics" and move behind the brickses to foes countries that we find selectively interesting from a growth perspective and export perspective and generally a credit perspective. south korea is one that we like a lot. you will say, oh, my goodness, that is very close to china. that's true. it is also very close to the hearts of u.s. consumers who are as a group strengthening their purchases today. lori: interesting analysis. paul christopher, thank you so much. dennis: succession fever is heating up at goldman sachs. charlie gasparino is here with exclusive details coming up. lori: but first fed speakpalooza. all week we've been hearing from the fed big guns. moments away fed cleveland president weighs in.
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>> i'm melissa francis with your fox business brief. "the wall street journal" is reporting the securities & exchange commission's enforcement division is investigating the standard & poor's for 2011 real estate deal. sources tell the paper
1:39 pm
securities regulators are looking into $1.5 billions commercial real estate transaction. yahoo! will be getting a new logo, its first in nearly two decades. the internet company will show 30 different possible logos, one each day on its website on sent fourth. the new logo will be announced -- september 4th. 5:00 p.m. eastern on "money," we'll have cool planet ceo. his company is making gas from dead trees. i have a lost questions from that one. that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper.
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lori: okay, breaking news bulletin. another fed president making the rounds on taper talk. peter barnes in washington with the latest. >> hey, lori, that's right. the president of federal reserve bank of cleveland says she is
1:41 pm
ready to start scaling back the fed's 85 billion-dollar a month bond buying program and quantitative easing. she does not give a specific time like that in september. in a speech today, just starts sandrapy nall toe says, there is immediate improvement in lake bore market conditions and outlook for the labor market since the fomc launched the current asset program. employment growth is stronger than i was expecting. the unemployment rate is half a percent lower than i projected it to be last sent. september. in light proving guess and labor remains on stronger path than last fall i would be prepared to scale back the monthly pace of assets purchases. this is the latest fed official to weigh in on the prospects for tapering. chicago fed bank president charles evans said yesterday he would not rule out the fed pulling back the program at its september policy meeting. dennis lockhart of the fed bank of atlanta, making similar comments yesterday.
1:42 pm
lori? lori: so preplanned. peter barnes, thank you, the way we hear from these fed firms. dennis: yes, all orchestrated. let's talk about succession. succession fever at goldman sachs as the number two guy gary cone is asking for more media attention. charlie gasparino, senior correspondent and author of "circle of friends," joins us for exclusive details. >> gary cohn is number two. he wants to be number one. he is teed off blankfein got all -@the publicity following gay rights, blankfein did something very unusual for a wall street ceo. came out very heavily in favor of gay rights. got lots of publicity. cohn is essentially asking for publicity. he is demanding media attention. more interviews with friendly reporters. this is kind of an interesting battle inside the place because it says something about succession. gary cohn wants to be number one. how do you be number one? you have to be in front of people. he is not coming in front of me.
1:43 pm
he is going in front of friendly reporters. this is what is going on inside goldman sachs. it is clearly a battle for attention. gary cohn is demanding more of it. he is demanding more media time. this is interesting thing. they are addressing incoming troops, interns and first year associates. gary cohn got the first year associates. blankfein got the interns. at love people inside goldman sachs says gary is flexing his muscles. dennis: that is a lot of tea leaves. >> i do this all day. usually my tea leaf reading is pretty good. dennis: is he making a mistake, going to ask for media attention instead of doing stuff that makes media attention? >> i can't believe you asked that. that is a good question. i'm only kidding. [laughing] lori: unfriendly reporter. >> yeah, you would think that it would be nice take, pride in new initiatives to make, build goldman's balance sheet or
1:44 pm
restructure the firm. but you know i'll tell you goldman is kind afttr weird place. i think they have the structure down. i don't think there is really much to do to see how that structure they have which is, kind of a you know, a trading shop. you can't proprietary trade but you can trade in terms of taking positions with your customers, still allowed under the volcker rule and do high-priced investment banks deals. that is the structure. they have to figure out how the structure fits into the regulatory environment which isn't totally set yet. if you don't have much to do, what do you do other than that? well you go out and basically talk to the press. you talk to friendly reporters and you basically demand these little things. you will see commercials probably with gary cohn. you will see when there's a speech to be made before an analyst group, gary cohn will go out there. lori: why isn't time for blankfein to step up? do we think he is going anywhere soon, blankfein? >> anytime soon is sort of -- lori: i left it.
1:45 pm
but he hasn't said i'm retiring yet. >> quite the opposite. he has grown a beard and he's a crusader for gay rights and all these social, pc, kind of social causes which you know gets him very good media play. i, it seems like he will be there for at least the next year. clearly this guy is in, you know what it is interesting, when i spoke with some young guys, the young people that are now working at goldman, when they saw blankfein and then saw cohn's resume' up against blankfein, they were wondering why blankfein wasn't ceo. he has more experience on paper. dennis: gary cohn would be ceo? is he clear heir apparent or is this still a race? is this guy -- >> there are investment bankers, michael evans a lot of people talk about. i think that gary cohn is the -- dennis: front-runner but it is not over. >> one of the ways you become the frontrunner i believe, do what he is demanding to be done.
1:46 pm
this is interesting things. become heir apparent to the press among analysts and work the room. dennis: look what happened to jimmy lee at chase, we started to campaign publicly. put him on the cover of forbes, soon after that, boom, got his knees cut out in public almost being too press happy. >> i remember when you guys did that i was at "wall street journal" at the time. jimmy lee becoming head --talk by the way on paper he kind of deserved it. dennis: huge structure finance investment banker. >> but you it is kind of interesting what happened with jimmy lee. so they didn't name him. harrison, this is we're talking about at chase at time, the old chase. >> they merged with jpmorgan. then they get probably the best, i think the best financial ceo, jamie dimon. he becomes the heir apparent and jimmy lee stays and kind of a consiglare. dennis: came back. not to be number one. >> he is consigliare with jamie dimon. you sit there and don't get
1:47 pm
canned. dennis: i want that job. thank you very much, charlie gasparino. lori: let's get an update on markets. mark newton on the floor. we heard a chorus of fed officials. is that what is taking down the market this week? >> tough to pin this all on tapering. a lot of people think this is only thing driving stocks these days. there are at love technical concerns. things were overbought for a period of time. we rallied over last six or seven weeks. seasonality is a concern. we are in weakest month of year, second to september. sentiment has gotten quite elevated. these are all concerns. tapering is something on the mind and there is some uncertainty but it is tough to say this is the sole reason stocks are selling off. this will be with us until september. this will be tough to pinpoint every ebb and flow just based on the that. lori: there was treasury auction today. very tepid demand as well. >> right. lori: to your point maybe it is
1:48 pm
the doldrums of summer. what do you think the next catalyst to get people back into the market to make firm decisions? >> that will be difficult to say because we've already had quite a run. we have uncertainty looming over us and really upcoming budget decisions. that will be a concern too. the dollar is one thing i point out that is interesting. based on what we saw yesterday and improvement in budget deficit and big pullback in the dollar that obviously drives exports. the dollar hitting new lows particularly against the yen and the pound. that looks to have the potential to extend i think in the days ahead. that is something that investors can watch as being important. lori: very good. mark newton, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. dennis: cutting the cord. it is cable television's arch nemesis and it is on the rise. look at this. paid tv subscriber growth down 360,000 subscribers. net-net down that much over the past year. that is not a huge falloff but cable companies should take note and cable has been hit harder than satellite tv and video
1:49 pm
service from the big phone companies with scribers ditching a set-top box in growwng numbers breaking the 3% mark this year. cord cutting skeptics say housing bust. no new homes, no new users. housing is at rise. pay tv missing that party. lori: so why? dennis: i really think it is economy. 10 or 20 million homes are cutting cord and going to internet directly to order individual shows. that is 10 or 20 million homes out of 110 million homes. you have to wonder whether it will be that devastating. lori: do they downgrading of cable tier subscriptions? dennis: they're counting all homes that subscribed to some portion of cable, whatever. but, of the problem is, cutting cord, that number is going up. it will not go down. going only up and eat away at their business the way cell phones ate away at wireline phone service. lori: coming up the office odd couple? are you neat and tidy felix or a
1:50 pm
sloppy oscar. dennis: those indeed are the desks of lori rothman and dennis kneale in his. wheel tell you whose is whose and what they say about it next. ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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lori: messy people rejoice. now, be shaped or what? -- shamed. a new study says working in messy environment may help you become more productive. scientists froms the university of minnesota founded by surrounded by clutter can promote creative thinking and
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stimulating ideas. with a neat desk, promotes healthy eating congeniality. side by side. can you guess which one is mine? dennis do you feel more productive in the messy office space? why my 6-year-old daughter says, how is that messy dennis doing today? dennis: that office of mine is in terrible shape. just a sign of how incredibly busy and fiercely dedicated i am to getting the truth out to our viewers out there. that's why i don't clean the desk. lori: mine is reflective of my respect for my colleagues and i want everybody to have happy, healthy -- dennis: i did come under so much pressure. lori: it looks like i work in a walk-in closet. dennis: look at all the dresses. where i have a couple of coats. i got so much trouble about the messy desk when i first got here. everyone remarked on it. were quite upset about it and offended by it, leave you alone. if you keep building up piles. lori: you describe yourself, ink-stained wreck. dennis: you should see all the
1:55 pm
ink stains on clothes and hands. talk about other great video. talk about must-see tv. manning brothers eli and big brother peyton out with a new commercial for directv. it has everyone talking about it. here's some of it ♪ football on your phone, that's what i said football on your phone watch it in bed, take it with you wherever you go. watch them all go home! dennis: that is so embarrassingly bad it is good. this phone ain't for calling this phone is for football. lori: it's a ripoff of the andy samberg you know what in a box. dennis: sure. brilliantly done. great artist steal. that is what steve jobs said in picasso. lori: gold losing a little bit of luster down 20%. gold mining stocks doing even worse. could this be a buying opportunity? christopher zook shares his out look for the precious metal when
1:56 pm
he talks to tracy and ash walking on in next on fox business.
1:57 pm
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absolutely thank goodness. mrs. villain and i are planning our... you scare me. and i like it. let's go what's in your wallet? ashley: welcome back, everybody, i'm ashley webster. tracy: i'm tracy byrnes. stocks trying to fight back to avoided the third down day in a week. the dow is down 55 points. top market strategist christopher zook will tell us what investors are paying too little attention to right now. ashley: warnings from the fallout of eliminating freddie mac and fannie mae. one person says it will make it harder for americans to get loans. tracy: why automakers went southbound to steer clear of u.s. unions and unions are showing up with so-called big promises. we'll look at that ahead. top. hour now, time for stocks, the dow is down i should say 52
2:00 pm
points. adam shapiro on the floor of the exchange. hey, adam. >> hey, tracy. you know all three indices are down. dow is down 52 points. nasdaq is down. almost 14 points. for the dow and s&p this is now three days in a row they have been down and this is not good news for some investors. we heard a lot of people down here talking about a 4 to 8% correction but this would be the first time in almost two months we've seen this kind of a losing streak with the s&p. now let's talk about some stocks which are taking hits especially solar energy stocks. first solar had their earnings out yesterday and they missed big-time. you can see they are down. in fact they lead the s&p down as far as losers today. they're down 13 1/2%. ja solar is down 8%. treena solar down 8%. youngly green energy down 5% and sun power down roughly 12%. first solar took a big hit.
2:01 pm
they missed on revenue and earnings. back to you. >> that will do it. adam shapiro, we'll see you in 15 minutes. ashley: warmer than expected wet they are is sending nat-gas futures to a five-month low. phil flynn in the trading pits of the cme with more on that and all other good stuff on oil and gold. phil? >> when it is september and august, this is what you get. power generation in the united states has fallen 10.8% by a year ago according to the edison electric institute. 22% in the midwest. nobody is turning on their air conditioners. that is really pushing this market into the lows. take a look at crude oil, getting a big break there as well, being driven mainly by gasoline futures. gasoline is getting hammered right now as u.s. refiners are producing gasoline at a near-record pace this week. we're producing more gasoline than we're going to use. we better start exporting the market pretty quickly, otherwise we'll have a lot of extra gasoline.
2:02 pm
sharply lower prices at pump. look at gold, you can't keep the goldmarkket down every day. we're back up. the story today on the goldmarkket is strong physical demand from china. the physical market is getting very, very tight right now. it's a disconnect with the financial side of gold today the physical side is wing and bringing gold back up. back to you. ashley: phil flynn of price futures group, thank you so much. >> thank you. tracy: speaking of gold the precious metal isn't doing too well this year, down 23% as we were talking about. shares of gold mining stocks are actually doing worse. they are down more than 45% year-to-date but our next guest, believe it or not, says this could be a buying opportunity. joining us now, christopher zook, chairman and chief investment officer at caz investments. i love the name of your firm, sir. >> thank you. tracy: i believe they're your initials, right? >> that's a good guess. tracy: before we go into
2:03 pm
anything. we mentioned miners. we have to talk about the gold mining stocks. this is a sector where you said you would wait for a pullback an hop right in but looks like there's a bill pullback. would you hop in now? >> we think from here we'll see a little more retracement of the gains we've seen over the last three weeks. off the lows these stocks are up 25 to 30% depending on the name and we think that will probably consolidate a little bit. but as you pointed out, these stocks are down anywhere 40, to 60, 70% in some cases from where they were just this year. in some cases they're down almost 80% from where they were at the highs. valuations are extremely good. it is cheaper in a lot of names to mine on the floor of the new york stock exchange than it is to go out and create a physical mine. so these valuations are very compelling. >> yeah, i bet. i love this other actually investment tip from you. you're saying short small caps. russell 2,000 has had a serious run. so you're saying short the small cap stocks compared to large
2:04 pm
caps. are you shorting russell say, etf? >> you can use the etf or use the futures. just totally depends on somebody's situation. but if you look at the gap between the outperformance of small cap stocks which have been on fire compared to the s&p 500, we believe that is going to compress and that will come back to more normalized levels, regression to the mean, if you will, particularly if we see pullback. we think small cap stocks will go down much more than the s&p will over that same period. tracy: that whole high beta thing. talk about the market coming down now. when are you anticipating that? i know a bunch of things you think investors just aren't paying enough attention to. >> there are a lot of things investors are not wanting to accept as reality and that is that the economy is shing. we're not seeing the growth that we should be at this point. we do have several catalysts here in the next couple months that could potentially grab investor's attention. could be china. could be chicago. it could be more debate about the budget and the debt ceiling,
2:05 pm
et cetera. we're facing sent as one of the guests said a few minutes ago, we're facing september in front of us and of course october is close behind. we think it is time for the market to pull back. our favorite addage, sell when you can, not when you have to. tracy: i feel like the market is numb to that stuff. people say, yeah, whatever, they will figure it out at the final hour anyway. >> they probably will. the reality is that when they get close to that final hour it creates anxiety. when you have anxiety in markets people don't like that. they tend to sell first and ask questions later. they probably will come up to some agreement but i really don't think anybody wants to listen to all of that bickering again and feel great about going out and buying stocks. tracy: christopher, the vix is certainly moving today to your point about volatility. we're starting to see more and more of it. so to your advice, sell when you can, not when you have to,
2:06 pm
volatility creates selling opportunities as well, doesn't it? >> absolutely does. we don't have to be selling everything that we have. but we should be scaling out of positions particularly companies that are overvalued. bottom line is, valuations still matter and we have to sit there and look, you know, from this point forward, is this a good investment? if it's not, let's sell some or sell all of it or at least put a hedge of some kind in place to protect these wonderful gains we've had so far this year. tracy: you're absolutely right. before i let you go, i have to ask you about your bet on tapering. charles evans yesterday looking at september from the fed. where are you placing your bet? >> right now we would place the bet on basically a tapering of roughly a third of the monthly purchases that they do. the market's had a great run. people are probably expecting some kind of tapering. if they don't give any tapering at all the market rallies pretty substantially. unfortunately it is setting
2:07 pm
themselves up for more difficult time later to exit from the tapering activity. why not now. take some off. see how market reacts. see how the economy reacts. start the process. tracy: a third in sent. we'll have you back and hold you to it. christopher zook with caz investments. >> thank you very much. ashley: more people are saying october now. tracy: right. ashley: we'll see. we'll know soon enough. coming up, outdoor fun, that's always a good time, boosting one american company's bottom line as well. jeff flock is live with a look at johnson outdoors. is that jeff there? go, jeff, go. tracy: what a day he has had, i swear. united auto workers trying to borrow from germany to boost its membership down south but is this going to work? we'll check on oil and how it is trading as we head out to break. we're down slightly. $104.40 a barrel. we'll be right back.
2:08 pm
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2:11 pm
director of one of those companies. there he goes, the olympian himself, jeff. >> i'll tell you, i'm willing to give my pay back for today, just for today. tell you, it has been a great day. the company is johnson outdoors. we spent exclusively most of the morning and rest of the day with the ceo. i've got the brand director for the watercraft, and dave, what are you fishing from right now? why is that so special? >> this is the same predator boat you guys used earlier. what i think makes it special, as you guys found you can stand up and fish from it. so for a guy who is fly fishing. you can stand up. it makes the casting that much easier. if you're getting close, standing you can see some of the fish so. >> this is a huge growth piece for your company. recreation companies have done well. a lost different ones have done well despite this economy. how do you account for that? >> it is funny. i've been doing this 20 years. no recession ever hit us until
2:12 pm
this one. it hit us a little bit but now people are starting to come out of it. they have have pent up buying habits and people just really, you know, feel like they need to have personal time again as a family and for themselves. >> as we said, maybe as we look over here, you've got other fishermen over here also in these fishing kayaks. these are guys that love to fish and actually they can get places where they can not otherwise get in a boat. this is kind of shallow where we are right now. so they have the ability to go places that they have can't go with a fishing kayak. dave, almost also in an interesting one right here. this is a neki. you also make this and old town canoes. a lot of freight american brands here. what is the cool thing about this one? >> that boat is for somebody looking for something a little different. you don't want to fish. you maybe want to get a workout. do an overnight camping trip. that person wants to paddle more effectively and quicker on the water. it's a much longer boat, a
2:13 pm
little narrower. you have the enclosed cockpit area as well. >> what they have done, they have taken the kayak, used to be they were performance kayaks or recreational kayaks. this is somewhere in between. somebody like me who likes to get out there but really not a real expert has something, this is about a thousand bucks. 1100 bucks. >> exactly. ashley: great stuff, jeff. you look very home on the water. next time, get back there, hope a fish is on the end. line. tracy: i would so fall over if i caught a fish standing, you know that, right? ashley: that would be good television. tracy: i need locks on your ankles or something. ashley: not good. go to the bottom. tracy: we have to make some money now before i tell more of my clumsy stories. charles is taking a look at a ahead of tomorrow's earnings. >> i would have fallen over trying to stand up in anything. you row out and then you stand up? you got to be kidding me.
2:14 pm
strattis is down a lot of high beta names, 3 d names. any stocks with big moves with heavy short positions come down in the last 24 to 48 hours. the stock has gotten to a point where this is pretty good entry. with a caveat. a lot of people are betting against this stuff thinking they come too far too fast. this company is putting it all together. they made an acquisition and they do the desktop models of 3-d printers. last year for example, they made 15.7 million in revenue. the first quarter they did 11.5 million. that is 200% run rate increase. tracy: wow. >> feels like everything is coming together for them. they should grow 30% every year for next five years. ashley: ups deal, didn't they? >> ups deal. they will put them in ups stores. six in san diego. see how it works out. listen, it could be a gram slam for these guys. so, i ultimately think they could be acquisition target for
2:15 pm
someone. even without any of that, i think it's a buy here. they report before the open. but i do say, beware it will be extraordinarily volatile. ashley: interesting. the economist compares the invention of 3-d to the invention of the steam engine. >> i don't know why, i don't know why. we used to go crazy back in the day, every new acronym came out of silicon valley that was it, you know. i don't see why there is not the same sort of enthusiasm from this. everything from a human ear to an airplane. tracy: because it's all about preservation of as opposed to appreciation. people just want to hold their money and if buying proctor & gamble -- i think so. i really do. charles payne, you have to convince them otherwise. >> see ya. we'll have something to talk about tomorrow one way or the other. ashley: that's true. we'll see what happens. charles, thank you. quarter past the hour. time to check on these markets again. adam shapiro on the floor of the new york stock exchange. adam. >> we're still going down with the arrows. the dow is down 51 points.
2:16 pm
s&p is down six points. nasdaq is down. we'll see what is going on with ralph lauren. i got corrected. the people who made preppie chic a thousand years ago. their profit was down at ralph lauren, $181 million. not what the street was expecting. they're still promising sales will be up four to 7% this year. when you take a look at the stock and what is going on, they're down 6.6%. they're the second biggest loser on s&p. year-to-date still up 18%, trading $177 a share right now. keep in mind the last quarter is the slow quarter for clothing retailers. we saw a bunch of them get hit. american eagle, abercrombie & fitch took a big hit. preppie is still chic with some of the teens and we get into the holiday shopping. ralph lauren, that is my niece, lauren.
2:17 pm
tracy: they do. they try to make it sound fancy and french. you say polo though and it brings me right back to the boys in high school, that used to shower in polo colon. ashley: preppie boys? tracy: i don't know if they were preppie in my town. ashley: better than not bathing in anything. adam, thank you very much. we'll be back at bottom of the hour. tracy: i didn't know preppie going up. coming up housing experts agree reforming fannie and freddie will drive up mortgage rates. one of them, wharton's susan wachter, tells us how that could slows down u.s. housing next. ashley: we'll look at how the u.s. dollar is moving on this down day on the markets. a mixed bag. euro and pound are both moving higher. canadian dollar, peso, losing ground to the greenback. japanese yen, higher against us dollar. we'll be right back. friday night, buddy.
2:18 pm
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2:21 pm
>> it is now 21 minutes past the hour. i'm heather nauert with your fox news minute. the kremlin says it is disappointed that the president obama canceled the moscow summit with russian president vladmir putin but russia remains ready to work with the u.s. on key issues. this move follows russia's decision to grant temporary
2:22 pm
asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. president obama plants to attend the group of economic 20 next summer in russia. president bush is home after being discharged from a dallas hospital for a heart procedure. the 67-year-old former president had a stent inserted to clear an blockage was found after a physical. tonight's powerball grown to estimated $425 million a single winner could take home a lump sum of $245 million. that is before taxes. business is picking up at convenience stores, gas stations and newsstands where tickets are sold. those are the headlines. now back to the fox business network and ashley. ashley: all right. heather, thank you very much. appreciate that. >> thanks. ashley: there are new warnings about what president obama's plan to reform mortgage finance system could do to the housing recovery. our next guest says shutting down fannie and freddie would raise interest rates and make it harder for potential buyers to actually get a loan.
2:23 pm
joining us, susan wachter, professor of real estate at the university of pennsylvania's wharton school. and susan, thank you so much for joining us. it seems to make sense to me. you take this out of the hands of the government agencies, freddie and fannie, prices are going to go up ultimately for the consumer, right? >> absolutely. of course it does depend how you restructure and if we're simply going to do away with fannie and freddie with no alternative that would have significant negative impacts, bringing the recovery down, reverse the recovery without a doubt, threaten the overall economic recovery. ashley: there are a couple of business out there. house republican bill basically privatizes the mortgage market whereas a bipartisan plan in the senate which kind of has a more limited government role in, you know, insuring these securities. what do you think is the best approach? >> well i think there is consensus across the spectrum that some kind of a government
2:24 pm
backstop will be necessary for, going forward, but fannie and freddie do need to be replaced and that certainly is my view as well but some kind after backstop, an explicit backstop, that is limited with private capital in front of the backstop. all of that i think is absolutely required. but the difference between the two bills is the first bill basically, even though it is not its intention basically would eliminate the 30-year mortgage except as a niche product. we would be in a bank-led adjustable rate mortgage world. banks would not originating fixed-rate mortgages. borrowers would not have the certainty going forward, that interest rates would not rise on their mortgages, despite the fact of course that interest rates are likely to rise and in that world. we very well could have not only borrowers in trouble but economy in trouble with a spike in interest rates because mortgages become unaffordable. ashley: that is, what could be the ultimate impact here for the
2:25 pm
consumer that is looking for a mortgage? does it mean a bigger down payment? does it mean you have to have a higher credit score? once you get the private sector more involved they will want more guaranties. >> the interesting thing right now even though we have the federal government basically guaranteeing all mortgages, down payment and mortgage payment requirements are pretty stiff, at least historically. we had a private market where we had race to the bottom where, in fact, private suppliers of mortgages were offering easier terms over time. so i think again there is consensus that we need some kind of rules of the road so that private capital will know whether investors are putting in place today will not run into a crisis tomorrow by irresponsible lending practices in the future. so all of that is to be discussed and to be determined. the corker-warner approach is one approach out there.
2:26 pm
it is bipartisan. the president put down a marker yesterday that he is in support of something that may go down similar lines if not exactly those lines. we need to move pretty quickly though because we're in a world although housing is contributing now to recovery, things could reverse if indeed we don't replace fannie and freddie carefully. ashley: that's true. the president said today in an event with zillow, the housing company, that he would like to see something in place by the end of the year. i mean does that seem overly optimistic? there are others out there that say to get to a final compromise could take years. what do you think? >> it should not take years. i don't think it can take years. i think we need to move more expeditiously than that because the markets themselves are beginning to erode. fannie, freddie, itself, some of its systems are getting old. i don't think we have years. we may have a year or two. so yes, i think it is doable within a year, perhaps realistically, early 2015 is a
2:27 pm
point of time, hopefully we can come together on this. ashley: on another issue, susan, quickly the banks are benefiting from a lot of cheap money but they haven't been passing it on. do you think they overreacted a little bit to what we just came out of and we need to loosen up standards to get more loans and mortgages approved? >> yes, i do. i think that is happening, it will happen and part of it was simply constraints. the banks were overwhelmed. but indeed as the overall recovery gains strength, housing recovery gains strength, i think there should be and will be more confidence and terms will ease. i think that should happen. ashley: very good. so the housing recovery has been a little tepid but you feel it is on solid ground? >> absolutely. recover are is in place, continuing strengthening an contributing to the overall economy. ashley: sound good to me. a good place to leave it. susan wachter, professor at the wharton school. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. tracy: this falls in the things that make you go, hmmm,
2:28 pm
category. so wal-mart slapped with a nearly $200,000 fine to fix hazards discovered after an occupational safety and health administration inspection at a store in rochester, new york. now the nation's largest retail also agreed to improve safety conditions at nearly 3,000 of its stores for employees who use, get this, trash compactors and cleaning chemicals. what the heck was going on? ashley: doesn't sound good. tracy: uh-uh. the agreement covers wal-mart and sam's stores in 22 states. there are 28 states that operate under their own osha agreements an could negotiate a separate deal when you say trash compactor, i'm thinking someone lost a him. that's not good. around that's not true. we don't know. ashley: breaking news out of philadelphia. a us airways flight from shannon island has made an emergency landing. passengers are coming off of the plane as you can see here.
2:29 pm
the associated press reported an apparent bomb threat was made in connection with this flight. the plane is us airways flight 777 from shannon airport in ireland to philadelphia. so we're keeping an eye on that. we believe it was a bomb threat that was phoned in. they're going through all the baggage and the plane itself. that is all we know at this point. ashley: let's get pack to the market. stocks hanging on every word what the fed is going to do with tapering its stimulus. coming up next we'll take the look at the latest hint from the central bank. tracy: you may need to watch out when downloading apps to your phone. cyber criminals hitting a milestone that should have you worried. as we head out to break let's look at some winners and losers on the s&p 500. cablevision, nice little move there, 3% increase. the dow is down 65 points. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you get your boue?
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2:33 pm
closing down at $24 but this is the fourth straight day has closed lower reheard it will keep going but we only know how long will take to get the pump. >> unless leg goes up that it is a different story. >> we have adam shapiro down on the floor. >> i was talking to one of the traders with the stronger dollar but the to play on the dow and the s&p and take a look at what is going on. we have earnings after the
2:34 pm
bell with green mountain coffee also they are down 2% also groupon to turn that company around and tesla. there all turning down but looked at them here today. 300% if you this between 80 and 90,000 would you buy this model? he would look great. tracy: where do you plug them in? i do know that some office buildings have more of these but i would be the girl that forgets to plug in her car. >> but remember tesla will have charging stations you can't drive coast-to-coast i had to have the charge all the way. tracy: i hope you are right. everybody could look good in that car. then you are terrific down
2:35 pm
there. stay tuned for complete coverage of today's earnings after the bell. >> another fed president hitting the speech circuit giving a clue when the fed could begin the tapering. >> sandra says she is ready to look at that $85 billion per month of that quantitative easing although she does not give a time of the the current labor market conditions the employment growth is stronger than i was expecting it is more than half a percent lower than what i projected and in light of this progress if the light -- labor market
2:36 pm
remains on that path than i would be prepared to scale back the monthly pace of asset purchases. the chicago fed bank president said he would not rule out the said pulling back with the meeting at september but to make similar comments yesterday one said tapering is inevitable. >> does said cannot continue the fed. >> cannot continue with this quantitative easing much longer is what he said. so phasing it out over the next year makes sense because it doesn't really have a huge effect on the economy. that we did not get a big spurt of growth from adopting this policy.
2:37 pm
and they cannot keep going on the message is clear it will happen sooner rather than later. tracy: they want to get rid of the of said altogether. [laughter] >> now this cyberthreat to your e android device now malicious acts are skyrocketing to be 1 billion by 2014 and was as a story that has to be a boon for apple. >> this is from the google for the android devices and to use the market share is on the rise that does not sound good. was sent to what they say about this theory trend. >> if the criminal underground is targeting
2:38 pm
this platform because they have greater market share as well as global banking you can steal money from people's accounts. >> the u.s. is the number one target for attackers hacking into your smart phone to steal your online banking information and germany so the android operating system is now the dominant force 80% of global smart phones are run on the android system and what they're doing is attacking in to your digital security card to put up a fake wallpaper with icons on your device and then come in during your phone to steal your information also hacking through facebook or twitter if you access those web sites are your mobile phone. also like exploiting news events like the oklahoma tornado were even tax season
2:39 pm
but then they sneak that foul wear into your phone with with trojan apps to steal your online banking information. tracy: begin because the android is the larger system >> apple as a good security firewall but android is up more in belarus and fractured community it is hard to get that security patch. tracy: that is scary. ashley: as the war between cbs and time warner cable wages:that is a hot topic dennises you believe best when get the 10 and 30 year treasurys. attend is down five basis points but the 30 year is moving down as well. we will be right back.
2:40 pm
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>> i am lori rothman. federal magistrate has ordered bp must pay $130 million in fees to provide administrative cost for the multimillion-dollar sum affected by the 2010 gulf oil spill in argued it needed more documentation. will street journal reports
2:42 pm
the sec enforcement division is investigating for the withdrawal of rating of the real-estate deal. regulators are looking at the evaluation of 1.5 billion of commercial real-estate. yasuo getting a new logo. it will be showing 30 possible logos each day and it will be announced on the timber forth. this is the latest from fox business, giving you the power to prosper.
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tracy: disney the lone ranger was one of the biggest flops this summer but how big is clear. denis neal has the story. >> who was that masked man? "the biggest loser" all disney says it cost more than 300 million to make and
2:44 pm
market but will force the loss of 190 million in the current quarter that has been down as much as 3% on the news but it did have the extraordinary run up 35% of capacity year to hit the all-time highs and even the past few weeks. it released quarterly earnings yesterday net income at 1.$8 billion beating the wall street forecast but the five main business segments and missed on four of them but it deadbeats when revenue and earnings and disney tried to create a whole new franchise with a character created 80 years ago with the same team that created pilots of the caribbean and the parents did not know him and the parents did not miss him. but it could be less than the loss they took one year in bin -- when you're going "john carter".
2:45 pm
tracy: and kids don't play cowboys and indians. >> they are not even allowed to because it is politically correct it. tracy: nidal think i am supposed to say that. >> and there will be a part to? >> no. that is for sure but good for disney they give it a shot. [laughter] tracy: let's head down to who new york stock exchange the third session in the row had been lower is this is on the likelihood of the fed tapering? >> a lot of people say it is because of tapering but we will find out more next week that will explain more of what we can expect with the gdp. but equities have gotten
2:46 pm
extended only the second time this year we saw a three day pullback we have now reached the levels to think it will be a huge correction so right now is just back and forth. tracy: we saw the nikkei sell-off with a disconnect from the old days that is a big drop here in the u.s. but not so much. >> has moved to new highs but we have not seen the same degree that with those around the world both in europe and in asia. that is one thing 2.0 of the divergence with what investors should be paying attention to. ashley: thank you. tracy: you met six months ago by the old days? [laughter]
2:47 pm
the united autoworkers looking for new members down south. one economist says that they should proceed with caution. ashley: look at today's winners and losers. looked at the nasdaq. we will be right back. ghosts moaning ] surprise- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote hls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. it's just common sense.
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ashley: get ahead check at the market's drifting in the same range all markets are down as you can see about four tenths of a percent with about 64 points moving slightly lower. tracy: to the united autoworkers to nancy day
2:51 pm
membership plummet now we sign up new members in the south targeting workers at several foreign owned carmakers for the mason-dixon line and if they are successful there could be dire consequences think he tried to. diana is of a senior fellow at the manhattan institute thank you for being with us i am surprised they go down south mostly they are right to work states so they are already going against the grain. >> they are. but they are desperate to. unionization has been shrinking especially if you look at age groups only 4 percent of workers aged 16 through 24 are unionized so they can see fewer and fewer americans want to belong to the union and it is
2:52 pm
understandable the pensions are underfunded and it takes a big bite out of the paychecks of the uaw tries to get down to alabama and mississippi and tennessee to unionized those work places with the new german model. tracy: they want to have a decision team that sits on the company's board? it sounds crazy. >> also work councils and different groups like that and they say it works in germany but those jobs have moved from tennessee -- from germany to tennessee and their growth rate has them lower than ours even a we have not had a very good growth rate recently as 1.7% tracy: i understand the logic. they come to tennessee purposely because it is right to work not to do with the union nonsense but said
2:53 pm
the union thinks we can convince them otherwise? >> exactly also the auto companies and the south are adding workers nissan has 5,000 and one to add another 2,000. of they are expanding by at jeep is moving to new china for the export market not even expanding in ohio to one that is crazy but your point that membership has fallen with 11 percent of the work force in the unit is down from 20%. >> and only 6 percent of private-sector workers are in the union right ow. tracy: what is the incentive to join? aside from the ridiculously expensive? for the you don't need the support anymore.
2:54 pm
>> you need the underfunded pension and then probably will long be there for you when you retire. that is why the uaw is desperate. and they need new blood to support their pension because if they don't then their pension will go more underfunded they and they are right now. tracy: what are the odds it -- that this will go through? >> it is up to the workers individuals. they have not voted yet i don't think this will change because they can see what is happening detroit has just gone bankrupt and relied on gm and chrysler and ford they do not want to go the way of detroit to one of the pensions will be smaller you
2:55 pm
know, you'll end up with less at the end of the day. >> with the individual company you can change it if you change jobs in ticket with you that is the advantage. if you want to move to a better job you can without investing in your pension. tracy: give them props for trying. i don't know what they're thinking. [laughter] great to be with you. ashley: they go to the south because the state's give tax advantages nissan moved to just south of nashville for that reason so it makes sense. amazon moving into a new business rolling out where people can buy a fine art from people and galleries
2:56 pm
nearly 40,000 works by 5,000 artist but the well-known names are bringing in the big bucks the most expensive item norman rockwell going after four-point a million dollars. it's still works even with him in the war hall -- andy warhol. >> you would think you would maybe one to go into a gallery to check it out for his criminal taken to the next hour of trading but to talk about the fed and how washington can help countdown to the closing bell is next. don't go anywhere.
2:57 pm
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